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Business Turnaround and Strategic Growth.

Specialist Sectors


Private Equity Consultancy

As Acting Advisers, Fintrex provides a full suite of specialist Private Equity support services, helping to ensure that all deals are executed with complete certainty and confidence as well as regular monitoring and reporting post transaction to ensure you're always best informed on your investment.

SME Consultancy

Most SME's are born from passion and sometimes it's difficult to overcome the challenges ahead. Offering a fully integrated advisory service, Fintrex works directly with your team to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals whilst advising your board on continual strategic growth.

Corporate Lending

When lending money to other businesses, you need to be sure that not only they can afford to pay you but that you're lending to a robust, solid business and they execute the deployment of funds as per the loan. Fintrex carries out full due diligence and ongoing company monitoring in order to reduce risk of capital loss.

Environmental Impact

Most entrepreneurs haven't yet applied focus to their set of environmental, social and governance standards for company operations. Fintrex assesses risks and opportunities that will impact a company’s ability to create long-term value and act as board advisers to ensure compliance and a focus of wellbeing throughout.

There's More To Us Than Meets The Eye

Through many years of corporate navigation and business advice, Fintrex has built up an unquestionable black book of contacts that follow our ethos of getting the job done.

We know and understand the SME sector, what makes companies and their owners tick and have an extensive track record of rapidly growing businesses from a standing start or a troubled position.

Whilst we will integrate our network within your business for maximum impact we will never lose sight of the fact that we are building it with you, for you but with the same aligned interests.



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