Sales and Negotiation

We Increase ROI with proven Sales and Negotiation skills and techniques

The business world is changing rapidly and so are customers needs and buying processes which is why investment in Sales and Negotiation training is more important today than it ever has been.

What is 360 Feedback?

At Fintrex, we are passionate about results and our Sales and Negotiation training is our most popular element of our Training and Development department, simply because we create change that yields results and increases profit.

How do we compare?

The answer to this is simple - we are the best at what we do. Our team of trainers are not only long-standing sales professionals but have been involved in structuring and delivering some of the best global sales training available across a range of differing industries.

Our bespoke course writing and delivery allows us to identify areas of exposure in your target demographic and create processes, openings, pitches and closes which will work towards hitting core KPI's and goals within your organisation.

Why Use Fintrex?

The feedback gained from 360 appraisals, if used correctly can be extremely powerful in creating an efficient and effective growth plan. By utilising Fintrex as a delivery partner, allows us to create comprehensive development structures for your team that highlights their core strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of growth and hold them accountable for their future and the value they add to your organisation.

The Fintrex 360 Delivery Method?

There are many platforms to pre-produce 360 Feedback reports but the key is in the effective delivery and implementation of the contents.The report is always the starting point of any development journey and when typically delivered in-house, the efficiency of the journey is lost.

Using Fintrex to deliver the report outcome and structure a development plan removes any bias from line managers or team leaders and focusses on creating an individual white-paper to success for that particular employee. If required, we then continue to work with your team to review performance at incremental periods to suit you. Progress is typically assessed very 6 months.

Our team are experienced performance development specialist with the sole goal of achieving the very best from your workforce to deliver consistent results.

Let's talk.

Our business is built upon efficient communication which is why we're on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We aim to respond to all web and email enquiries within three hours.

We are confident in and pride ourselves on our service and delivery so if at any point you feel we have not met your expectations, we encourage you to bring this to our attention.

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