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What is Performance Management?

Helping individuals perform well is a central element of Corporate Development. With the correct structure, team members become the greatest creators of organisational value, so effectively managing their performance is critical for success. Employees not only need to understand what’s expected of them, they must also be aligned with company values and goals.

To maximise return for organisations, Fintrex offers structured performance management programmes to support Line Managers, Team Leaders, HR Professionals and Stakeholders.

Why use Performance Management?

Typically, objectives centre on SMART outcomes - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. More complex roles are often set Learning based objectives and objectives that are based upon team involvements are predominantly Behaviour lead.

Why Use Fintrex?

Utilising Performance Management tools, Fintrex creates a comprehensive initial assessment of each individual and match these against employer expectations across a number of core areas. Once this is defined, we work with the individual to set a Personal Development Plan, incorporating key objective setting.

We help employees see the connections between organisational and individual objectives, give feedback that motivates employees and helps them improve and hold them to account.

The Fintrex 360 Delivery Method?

There are many platforms to pre-produce 360 Feedback reports but the key is in the effective delivery and implementation of the contents.The report is always the starting point of any development journey and when typically delivered in-house, the efficiency of the journey is lost.

Using Fintrex to deliver the report outcome and structure a development plan removes any bias from line managers or team leaders and focusses on creating an individual white-paper to success for that particular employee. If required, we then continue to work with your team to review performance at incremental periods to suit you. Progress is typically assessed very 6 months.

Our team are experienced performance development specialist with the sole goal of achieving the very best from your workforce to deliver consistent results.

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