Team integration and interaction is key.

Develop an elite team of professionals by improving their self-awareness. Educate them to easily interact with others and create a thriving environment of productivity and creativity.

The core function of a personality assessment is for your team members to firstly identify who they are. By understanding their core traits and personality characteristics and the way they act or interact with others, This in turn creates a platform to build relationships with other core personality types.

Delivered in partnership with Performance Workplace Development - an approved Insights distributor, Insights Discovery applies psychology to your organisation to show your team how understanding themselves better can make a positive difference in the workplace and beyond.

Based on their unique four colour model, Insights Discovery helps individuals learn more about their preferred behaviours, the strengths they bring and the challenges they’re likely to face.

The best thing about Insights Discovery is that it shows us how we prefer to act - or the space we’re most comfortable in – but it reminds us that personality is fluid; every individual can draw on their less inclined behaviours to handle the demands of specific situations. But they can only do this when they’re self-aware… All of our learning journeys start with Insights Discovery and self-awareness – it’s the foundation on which all other human skills are built.

Leadership Training

Not everybody operates in the same way or are motivated by the same things.

By understating key personality traits of their team, your managers can identify the best way to interact with them in order to achieve maximum productivity.

Customer Service Training

Not all customers expect the same outcome. Some need more care and attention and others just want problems solved efficiently but poor customer service can damage your corporate reputation.

Empower your team to quickly understand your customers personality to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Sales Training

In recent times, buying habits have changed drastically, making it hard to know how to adapt your pitch accordingly.

Understanding how a prospect is likely to react to a certain situation or being able to pre-empt their buying process enables you to adapt your model accordingly, resulting in an increase in sales conversion.

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