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Management and Leadership

Why have a leadership team that lacks the ability to instil and reflect their vision or a manager that struggles to motivate a team towards a cohesive outcome?

Very often, managers and leaders are recruited or promoted on their product knowledge, experience or time of service but actually lacks the core management skills to put them into practice. All too often we see the top closer become the sales manager or the most efficient administrator become the admin manager but the two skillsets are different and require different training to maximise the efficiency of the team.

  • CMI Levels 3, 5 and 7 Qualifications
  • Charterd Manager Fast-Track Programme
  • Recognised Professional Certificates
  • Bespoke Design and Build

Sales and Negotiation

Our sales training is people centric and operates as a mixture of science based engagement utilising Insights Sales module coupled with either one of our pre-structured programmes or a bespoke written programme for your industry or organisation.

Within our pre structured training we identify core selling behaviours needed to improve sales outcomes, achieve KPI'S and increase revenue.

Our sales training offers an interactive solution designed to ensure your sales team learn and apply the core critical behaviours in their sales process.

Customer Service

Most businesses operate their customer service team secondary to other departments. Maintaining and retaining customers can be expensive however, your customers are now your marketing. Your customers create reviews, they share your products and talk about your business, creating your message to the outside world and potentially thousands of other customers.

Our customer service training through Insights helps your team understand the various profiles of your clients, what their core demands are and how to satisfy them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our training always starts with research of your company, your industry and your people and then identify core areas that need addressing within your team in order to create a better experience for your customers.

We often integrate our customer service training with sales training to deliver our Problems are Opportunities training, enabling your team to identify a clients needs and potentially turn these into additional cross-sale opportunities.

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